Working with Disha Charitable Trust in 2023

Established in 1999 by Mrs. Prabha Mehta, Disha Charitable Trust is a beacon of hope, particularly known for Disha School, a leading Autism Center in India. It adopts the US curriculum, Unique Learning System, with professionals trained by US experts for effective implementation. Disha’s goal is to integrate children into mainstream schools and equip others with skills for independent living and employment, leading to successful outcomes.

Besides schooling, Disha offers various services conducted by qualified professionals, including the Community-Based Rehabilitation program, which provides free therapies, transportation, meals, uniforms, and medical interventions to marginalized individuals in slums and rural areas, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

Founder’s On-Field Observation :
“During my visit, I had the privilege of meeting Chairman Mr. Naresh Chawla and Vice President Alka Smart, gaining insights into the organization’s leadership. The dedication of the teachers, continuous training with guest faculties, and individualized care for each child were particularly noteworthy.
The overall experience showcased a well-structured workflow and a highly motivated leadership team.”
– Mr. Ramesh Shah

Expected Progress by
Joy Of Helping’s Suggestions:

  • Physiotherapy Room Enhancement
  • Diversification of Vocational Training
  • Diversification of Therapeutic Approaches

Potential Impact and Progress of Our Work with Disha Center:

  • Partnering with Joy of Helping can further amplify Disha’s impact
  • Teacher Training: Joy of Helping can provide the necessary training for teachers in incorporating market-driven products into the curriculum.
  • E-commerce Platform: Utilize Joy of Helping’s e-commerce platform to facilitate a smooth transition and global outreach, enabling the children to showcase their creations to a broader audience and potentially increase profits.

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