The Marriages of Daughters of Vadia by VSSM supported by Joy of Helping in 2023

In 2012, VSSM arranged the first-ever mass/community marriage ceremony in Vadia. That year, 20 girls were married or engaged. Marriage or engagement is a huge step towards preventing girls of Vadia from being pushed into prostitution.

The community believes that if a girl gets engaged, she should not be involved in prostitution. VSSM perceived this belief as a primary tool to prevent the spread of prostitution in Vadia. Beginning in 2012, Vadia has witnessed many daughters getting married over the years.

Vadia – a small village tucked away in a highly remote corner of Gujarat that is a victim of poverty and prejudice; a village struggling to break free from the shackles of absolute poverty, never-ending stigma, and oppression. The stigma associated with prostitution made the Vadia community an outcast.

Last year, one of the villagers asked VSSM to extend their support in carrying out the marriages of his two girls. He mentioned that he never involved his girls in the business of prostitution and now wants VSSM to get them married, but since his economic condition is weak, he has requested to extend him the required support. With the support extended by JOY OF HELPING under the said program.

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