Domestic violence often includes economic abuse caused by economic dependency.

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Our main goal is to assist and empower victims of domestic violence, to live a respectable, self-sustainable, healthy life 

of married Indian women face domestic violence, shows data
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Domestic abuse, often referred to as “domestic violence” or “intimate partner violence,” can be defined as a recurring pattern of conduct within any relationship aimed at acquiring or maintaining power and dominance over an intimate partner. It encompasses a spectrum of actions, including physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological behaviours, as well as threats of such actions, all of which are employed to exert influence over another person. This encompasses behaviours that induce fear, intimidation, terror, manipulation, harm, humiliation, blame, injury, or emotional distress.

Violence against women and girls by burning is a serious and confronting form of gender-based violence. Often, perpetrators aim to disfigure their victims or cause great pain, rather than kill them. Little is known about the characteristics of females who are subjected to violence by burning.

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