“It’s a shame there has to be a tragedy before the best in people will finally shine.”

Our Causes

Disaster Relief and Protecting the Planet

Our main goal is to offer relief to as many crisis-affected individuals as possible while simultaneously lending our support to conservation efforts aimed at preserving nature.

are affected by Natural disasters.
0 Million people
are claimed by Natural disasters according to Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
0 lives per year
of people have no emergency funds saved to rebuild after a natural disaster. (The Zebra)
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Each year, approximately 6,800 natural disasters occur worldwide. These real-world natural disasters are formidable, destructive forces of nature. From California to Australia, wildfires have obliterated everything in their wake, reducing landscapes to ashes. Hurricane-related fatalities are not solely the result of wind and rain but also stem from flooding and property devastation.

Droughts, floods, flash floods, pandemics, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and tsunamis are becoming increasingly prominent headlines in the news.

As global temperatures continue to rise, the frequency of catastrophic disasters has also increased.

A significant portion of the population impacted by these disasters often struggles to survive, let alone rebuild their lives.

Impact of Disaster Relief and Protecting the Environment Projects Supported by Joy of Helping

Working towards providing disaster relief, with the support of Joy of Helping; in Crisis Affected Areas of India and East Africa.

At Joy of Helping, we collaborate with organizations dedicated to providing essential relief such as food, shelter, combatting tools, and clean drinking water to families affected by disasters. Additionally, we have initiated projects aimed at safeguarding our planet, including tree plantation and nature conservation programs.

Contributing towards a greener and smarter planet with Sarvodaya Parivar Trust in 2023

Our donation to Sarvodaya Parivar Trust impacts five key areas: Agricultural support: Building check dams for water resources and enhancing productivity. Environmental protection: Constructing embankments to prevent soil erosion. Water conservation: Creating ponds for clean water access. Green initiatives: Tree plantation for a healthier ecosystem. Education empowerment: Supporting schools for ...

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Water for Life Trust – Project Maji in 2022

Joy of Helping’s support to Water for Project Maji provided sustainable solar-powered water to rural and remote Kenya. They digitized operations using tools like mWater for site assessment, ensuring efficient resource allocation. An e-payment system gathers revenue transparently, aiding maintenance. Remote monitoring and swift technical response maintain reliable service. Pre- ...

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Tree Plantation Program with VSSM in 2022

EMBRACING SUSTAINABILITY: JOURNEYING TOWARDS A GREEN WORLD The initiative by VSSM (Village Social Transformation Mission) focuses on addressing the challenges posed by arid regions and barren land through tree plantations. The objectives include increasing green cover, retaining water in the soil, reducing soil erosion, and enhancing land fertility. This initiative ...

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Water-Forest-Land Conservation Work with Sarvodaya Parivar Trust in 2022

Joy of Helping contributes to the Sarvodaya Parivar Trust in five distinct areas aimed at enhancing the lives of impoverished and vulnerable families: Constructing new check dams to boost agricultural output. Establishing embankments to counteract soil erosion. Creating a pond near wells to augment water levels. Engaging in tree plantation ...

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High Resolution Endoscopic Camera with Accessories in 2021

The ENT department at Vadodara and Rajkot General Hospital is a leading tertiary care referral center affiliated with a Medical College in Vadodara. In addition to serving Vadodara and Rajkot, it caters to patients from all over Gujarat. This department is renowned for its expertise in endoscopic surgery throughout Gujarat, ...

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