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Our main goal is to address preventable blindness by partnering with committed eye hospitals in both India and East Africa.

Each year, we collaborate with diligent institutions to actively pursue and achieve our objectives.

Eradicating Curable Blindness

Restoring sight is a cost-effective way to break the cycle of poverty, with profound human, social, and economic benefits.

Our mission is to eliminate curable blindness in India and Kenya by establishing dedicated eye hospitals that offer affordable, accessible, and sustainable eye care services. This initiative aims to provide education, employment, and independence, reducing inequality and improving lives.

East Africa Eye Projects

In East Africa, nearly a quarter of a million people are affected by blindness, with 43% of cases due to cataracts—a treatable condition. As of 2021, 224,000 individuals are blind, and 750,000 have visual impairment. Most of this blindness is avoidable, and efforts are underway to coordinate cataract surgeries in three eye hospitals to restore sight to those who don’t have to be blind.

Vision Centers and Telemedicine

Vision centers, staffed by ophthalmic assistants and supported by telemedicine, provide vital eye care services in rural areas. They encourage early treatment, preventing needless visual impairment and helping people return to work.

Our telemedicine app tackles challenges faced by rural eye hospitals in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Overcrowded facilities lead to long wait times and financial strain for patients. Our solution connects expert volunteers with local eye care teams, providing live doctor consultations through the app. This initiative aims to reduce waiting times, improve access to eye care, and alleviate the burdens of travel and lost income for patients.

Smart Glasses for Visually Impaired

With the progression of technology, the promise of enhancing the quality of life for individuals with visual impairments is now becoming a tangible reality.

A notable area that has witnessed substantial advancement in recent times involves the creation of smart glasses. These smart glasses can assess the surroundings and delivering immediate auditory guidance to the wearer.

This guidance may encompass descriptions of nearby objects or the vocalization of written text, thus opening new horizons of accessibility and independence.

Impact of Eye Care Projects Supported by Joy of Helping

Eliminating Curable Blindness in East Africa in 2023

Joy of Helping sponsors annual eye camps in East Africa with Lions Hospital.This initiative aims to address the significant issue of blindness in East Africa, which affects thousands of people, robbing them of their independence, dignity, and hope. Restoring sight through cataract surgeries was a meaningful way to provide support ...

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Bringing Sight and Light with Divyajyoti Trust in 2023

Collaborating with two full-time Pediatric Eye Specialists, DivyaJyoti Trust and Joy of Helping together facilitate Eye Surgeries.We do nearly 200 children’s eye surgeries yearly – cataracts, squints, trauma, and others. Four anesthesiologists are on hand, available on set days and in emergencies.oy of Helping also sponsors 6-8 Vision Assistant students ...

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Vision Centers and Bilateral Surgeries with Drashti Netralaya in 2023

Drashti Netralaya, founded by Dr. Mehul Shah and Dr. Shreya Shah, stands as a beacon of compassionate vision care, transcending socio-economic barriers with a mission to offer the best and latest eye care to all, regardless of financial standing. This hospital has emerged as a transformative force in rural and ...

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