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by providing sustainable solar-powered water solutions in remote, rural Kenya.


Water for Life Trust, a registered water charity, strives to end rural water poverty in Kenya. It aims to provide sustainable solar-powered water solutions in remote rural areas. These solar-powered water points serve communities overlooked by the government and larger NGOs, leading to positive effects like improved health, reduced medical expenses, increased economic opportunities, and enhanced girls’ education.

Lack of safe water particularly affects women and children, causing wasted time, missed schooling, and waterborne illnesses that hinder growth and cause community suffering.

  • Digital Efficiency: We ensure the efficiency and impactful use of donor funds through digital processes. Planning, implementation, management, and reporting are digitally driven for optimal results.
  • Smart Site Selection: We assess community water needs and challenges using mWater, a specialized data tool. This aids in choosing suitable sites for sustainable water access, reducing inefficiencies.
  • E-Payment System: Secure water revenue collection is facilitated through an epayment system. Community members use mobile money to pre-pay for water, ensuring transparency and sustainability for maintenance.
  • Remote Monitoring: Our service-delivery approach uses the pre-paid system for remote monitoring. Technical support is prompt, ensuring reliable services and community trust.
  • Measuring Impact: The impact of each donor’s contribution is digitally measured and reported. Pre- and post-intervention surveys gauge progress, with data displayed in a real-time impact dashboard.
  • Tailored Impact Dashboard: Customized dashboards are created to measure and report the impact of each donor’s support. This approach enhances transparency and allows for comparison of baseline and post-impact results for each indicator.

Impact of Project Supported by Joy of Helping

Joy of Helping supports Water for Life Trust in its endeavor to end rural water poverty in Kenya.

Water for Life Trust – Project Maji in 2022

Joy of Helping’s support to Water for Project Maji provided sustainable solar-powered water to rural and remote Kenya. They digitized operations using tools like mWater for site assessment, ensuring efficient resource allocation. An e-payment system gathers revenue transparently, aiding maintenance. Remote monitoring and swift technical response maintain reliable service. Pre- ...

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