Empowering Differently-Abled Children at Mathrushree Manovikasa Kendra in 2023

Mathrushree Manovikasa Kendra is a non-profit, voluntary organization committed to the well-being of differently-abled children. Established in March 2003 as a residential school, it is managed by dedicated professionals focusing on the welfare of mentally challenged individuals. The institute offers various activities including self-help skills, motor development, physiotherapy, academic education, psycho-social interventions for parents, vocational training, yoga, medical care, and sports. The faculty comprises six full-time childcare givers, twelve certified teachers, twelve assistant teachers, two wardens, and a dedicated driver. With a doctor available on call, the school currently accommodates 123 children aged six months to eighteen years. It provides tailored therapies and training, emphasizing self-dependence, personal care, academic education, and life skills to make the children self-reliant. The syllabus is customized based on each child’s IQ level, behavioral challenges, and home environment, ensuring personalized teaching methods for optimal learning outcomes.

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