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The Bhansali Trust is a Public Charitable Trust that was registered in Bombay in the year 1969.

Over the years, it has been actively involved in a range of activities spanning the fields of healthcare, education, income generation, de-addiction, and various socio-economic initiatives.

The Trust operates with a substantial workforce, boasting 610 full-time and 1,724 part-time staff members, as of 2021.

One of the primary objectives of the Trust is to continuously enhance the quality of life for the tribal communities in the region. This is achieved by focusing on income-generation initiatives that empower the community, with a particular emphasis on women’s empowerment through the formation of self-help groups and the implementation of income-generating projects. The ultimate goal is to enable these communities, especially women, to become self-reliant and prevent exploitation.

While the Bhansali Trust engages in a wide range of activities, your support and contributions will specifically go towards the cause of women’s empowerment through income generation.

Additionally, the Trust has a commendable track record of undertaking relief projects to assist communities affected by natural calamities.

It’s worth noting that most of the Trust’s projects are funded by family resources, while relief projects in response to natural disasters receive support from the Diamond Trade sector and friends of the Trust. This demonstrates a strong commitment to philanthropy and community welfare.


The Tribal Integrated Development & Education Trust (TIDE) is an organization that collaborates with the Bhansali Trust to work on projects aimed at the development and education of tribal communities.

In India, there are more than 120 million tribal individuals residing in approximately 135,000 villages. These communities encompass 537 different tribes and sub-tribes, each possessing its own distinct culture, language, clothing, food habits, and ways of thinking. Unfortunately, due to poverty and low levels of education, these marginalized tribal populations have been subject to exploitation for centuries.

TIDE was established in 2003 by a group of ten individuals who shared a common vision for uplifting impoverished and underserved tribal communities. During its initial four years, progress was gradual because the work was concentrated in remote areas across different states. However, as time passed, TIDE’s efforts expanded, and it is currently engaged in projects across 16 states. Over the past six years, TIDE has also initiated projects to support the Mushar community in Kishanganj District, Bihar.

TIDE’s mission is rooted in the belief that every tribal community deserves opportunities for development, education, and an improved quality of life. Their work reflects a commitment to bringing positive change to the lives of tribal populations who have historically faced exploitation and deprivation.

The Bhansali Trust is deeply committed to the continuous improvement of the lives of tribal communities while simultaneously preserving their centuries-old culture and heritage. This holistic approach is one of the Trust’s central, long-term objectives. To achieve this significant goal, the Trust has recognized the need for an Integrated Development approach.

With this overarching vision in mind, the Trust has strategically outlined the following primary objectives for the betterment of tribal communities in the areas it supports:

  • Healthcare: Providing access to quality healthcare services to address the health needs of tribal populations, thereby improving their overall well-being.
  • Education: Focusing on education initiatives to empower tribal children and adults with knowledge and skills, facilitating their social and economic upliftment.
  • Income Generation: Creating opportunities for income generation among tribal communities, with particular emphasis on economic empowerment, financial sustainability, and reduced dependency.
  • ‘Satsang Mandals’ and Vyasan Mukti (De-addiction): Implementing programs and support systems to promote spiritual and emotional well-being, as well as de-addiction efforts to combat substance abuse within tribal communities.
  • Preservation of Indigenous Faith and Culture: Safeguarding and celebrating the unique cultural and spiritual traditions of tribal communities, ensuring that their rich heritage remains intact.
  • Promotion of Rural Technology: Introducing and disseminating appropriate rural technologies that enhance productivity, efficiency, and the quality of life for tribal populations.
  • Help to the Needy: Providing assistance and support to those in need within tribal communities, ensuring that vulnerable individuals receive the help and resources necessary to improve their circumstances.

Through these strategic objectives, the Trust aims to foster sustainable development that not only addresses the immediate needs of tribal communities but also preserves their cultural identity and empowers them to lead dignified, self-reliant lives.

Impact of Project Supported by Joy of Helping

Joy of Helping’s focus with Bhansali Trust is on the ongoing enhancement of the lives of tribal communities, particularly women, by bolstering community strength in the realm of income generation. This involves the establishment of self-help groups and income-generating projects, enabling individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

By fostering women empowerment, we aim to prevent exploitation. While Bhansali Trust engages in various activities, our support is specifically directed towards empowering women through income generation initiatives.

Battling Against Black Fungus, with Bhansali Trust in 2021

The battle against the Black Fungus disease has been fought vigorously in the past. “Black Fungus,” scientifically known as Mucormycosis, was a very rare but potentially fatal condition. It was caused by mold found in damp environments like soil compost and could attack the respiratory tract. It was not contagious ...

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