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Eradicating Blindness

To support more than 50% of NGOs, who are working to Eradicate Curable Blindness in India and Kenya


Disability Rehabilitation

In India, the population with disabilities is around 26.8 million, constituting 2.21% of India’s total population



Education to underprivileged Dalit Children

Income Generation (1)

Women Empowerment

India has over 120 million tribal living in approx. 135000 villages. There are 537 different tribes and Sub-tribes


Vision Centers

In India, over 19 million people suffer from visual impairment or blindness


Kenya Eye Projects

According to WHO, almost a quarter of a million Kenyans suffer from blindness; 43% of these cases are caused by cataracts, an avoidable and often treatable condition


Disaster Relief

Programs held in India and Kenya for disaster relief

Women health-2

Children and Women Health

In 20 years more than 3,500 women have undergone successful gynecology surgeries in 60 camps for 18 years.


Vocational Training

Vocational Training Skill Training to Rural Entrepreneurship Program  

“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.”

Nelson Mandela

One life at a time.

There are institutes in which people are dedicated to social services for lifetime and have served to support humanitarian activities for three decades.

Your support can transform the world.