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Joy of Helping is Motivated and Committed to

Making Earth a Better Home

We are more than just a non-profit organization;
We are a force for positive impact-driven change.

Through the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Joy of Helping is dedicated to impact-driven philanthropy.

We take great satisfaction in our ongoing commitment to initiatives that extend beyond ensuring access to education for the underprivileged, delivering healthcare, eradicating preventable blindness, supporting women in sustaining their families, and providing facilities for differently abled children.

Additionally, we are making a positive impact on the lives of numerous young individuals and successfully providing healthcare to women and children.

Our supported causes align with our mission to make Earth more hospitable to all humans.

Impact of Projects Supported by Joy of Helping

Supporting grassroots institutions is paramount in addressing diverse societal challenges.

This involves providing education to children in slums and tribal regions, elevating health standards in high-mortality areas due to malnutrition, and rehabilitating individuals with disabilities, including those with hearing impairments or cerebral palsy. Empowering women through vocational training is a key focus, fostering dignified lives. A significant objective is combatting curable blindness, collaborating with dedicated eye hospitals in India and Kenya. Amplifying the voice of Scheduled Castes against caste-based violence, especially for the economically disadvantaged, is crucial. Initiatives to prevent diseases, encourage women’s participation in self-help groups and income-generating projects, and support NGOs working in impoverished regions with transparency are essential. Additionally, taking action against the abuse of women and children and prioritizing environmental protection and disaster relief further underscore the commitment to holistic societal well-being.

Education to Nomadic Children with VSSM in 2022

Education Disparities Among Nomadic Communities and Empowering Through Support Nomadic Communities face significant disparities in accessing and valuing education, resulting in their exclusion from mainstream academic pathways. VSSM has taken substantial strides to rectify this by establishing Balghars and bridge schools in settlements, enrolling children in government or private schools, ...

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William James

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