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founded by Mr. K. Muralidharan, Mr. K. Sridharana and Mr. Khushnood Ahmad; in India 


Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF), USA, established in 1998 by Mr. K. Muralidharan, Mr. K. Sridharan, and Mr. Khushnood Ahmad, operates as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. SEF USA’s primary mission is to combat curable blindness in India and support SEF India and other partners in expanding their efforts to achieve this goal.

SEF USA focuses on fundraising for the construction of specialized eye-care hospitals across India and the provision of free eye surgeries.

SEF, USA has consistently achieved the highest rating of 4 stars from Charity Navigator for multiple consecutive years. This prestigious rating is awarded based on the organization’s strong financial health, commitment to accountability, and dedication to transparency in its operations.

Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) is renowned for its Gift of Vision rural outreach program, which has received awards and recognition for its outstanding efforts. Through this program, SEF brings high-quality and timely eye care services to the rural areas of India, ensuring that vision care is accessible to those in need, even in remote regions.

Impact of Project Supported by Joy of Helping

“Joy of Helping” during the Covid-19 crisis under emergency funding was dedicated to providing financial assistance to Drashti Netralaya for sending donations through the Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) USA and to Akhand Jyoti for sending donations through the Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF) USA.

“Joy of Helping” has supported the Sankara Eye Foundation for many years, contributing to the construction of hospital rooms and the establishment of a new pediatric unit at a new hospital with Akhand Jyoti in Bihar.

Support Provided to Sankara Eye Foundation(USA) until 2020

Before 2020: Over the years, Joy of Helping has consistently backed SEF’s initiatives, including the construction of hospital facilities and the establishment of a new paediatric unit in Bihar in collaboration with Akhand Jyoti. 2020: During the Covid-19 crisis, Joy of Helping has actively participated in emergency funding efforts, providing ...

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Support Provided to Sankara Eye Foundation(USA) in 2022

Joy of Helping collaborates with the Sankara Eye Foundation in the USA to provide funding for free bilateral surgeries across three states in India. Kalyanam Karoti, Mathura (KKM) is a charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of disabled and marginalized communities in India. This is achieved through affordable and ...

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