We are more than just a non-profit organization;

We are a force for positive change.

Helping by Touching Lives

about Joy of Helping

Joy of Helping provides project and cause-based support with an unwavering commitment to creating a lasting impact.  

 Our approach is impact-driven, ensuring that every contribution we make brings smiles and hope to those in need.

What sets us apart is our

Connection to Beneficiaries

Our founders are personally involved in each project we sponsor, which includes numerous international trips, close collaboration with nonprofit organizations, and direct interactions with the individuals whose lives we touch.

This personal connection keeps us grounded, helps us adapt to changing needs, and enables us to identify the most meaningful opportunities to support communities without discrimination.

We’ve identified several institutions performing admirably, yet requiring additional funding to further their missions. Among these organizations are those where individuals have dedicated their lives to social service, tirelessly supporting humanitarian causes for over three decades.

Impact Driven Projects

We meticulously sort through projects, partnering with determined grassroots non-profits across countries for impactful change.

Effective Fund Utilization

We ensure 100% efficient utilization of funds in helping lives

Personal Visits

We encourage donors to personally visit the organization sites with us to see the impact of their kindness

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old,
but on building the new.”


Our History and Journey in Philanthropy

Strong Roots build strong trees

Our inspiration stems from our deeply religious mother, who lovingly cared for our mentally challenged eldest sister for an astounding 63 years while providing for the needs of the seven of us, despite our meager financial resources.

She instilled in us a strong emphasis on obtaining the best possible education.

In 1983, we received a letter from Youth Jain, inviting us to sponsor a squint eye camp in Mandvi, Gujarat. This marked the beginning of our involvement in humanitarian work. Following that, we sponsored a polio camp.

Since 1984, we have consistently participated in annual camps at Bidada Hospital, collaborating with dedicated doctors, volunteers, and trustees in various capacities.

Over time and with accumulated experience, we came to identify resource gaps arising from illness and diseases, poverty, and natural disasters.

Our engagement with NGOs became a consistent effort, aligning with commendable initiatives such as the response to the Bhuj 2001 Earthquake, the provision of medical camps for women and children, the distribution of mid-day meals to underprivileged children, COVID relief addressing black fungus in 2021, the implementation of educational and vocational programs, etc.

As our network expanded, we brought the joy of helping to those in need and shared it with those who actively contributed to these endeavors through significant impact.

Support Provided to

The Driving Forces

Supporting institutions working at the grassroots level in the areas of

  • Offering Education to children residing in slums and tribal regions.
  • Enhancing the Health standards of children in areas with high mortality rates attributed to malnutrition.
  • Rehabilitating Individuals with mental or physical disabilities, including those who are hearing impaired or have cerebral palsy.
  • Empowering Women through vocational training, enabling them to lead dignified lives.
  • A primary objective is to combat Curable Blindness, collaborating with dedicated eye hospitals in India and Kenya.
  • Amplifying the Voice of the Scheduled Castes against caste-based violence and discrimination, with a particular focus on the most economically disadvantaged.
  • Preventing Diseases through targeted initiatives.
  • Encouraging Women to engage in self-help groups and income-generating projects.
  • Providing Support to NGOs committed to working in the most impoverished and challenging regions.
  • Prioritizing NGOs that maintain complete transparency.
  • Taking action Against the Abuse of Women and Children.
  • Protecting the Environment and Providing Disaster Relief Support for affected areas

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the betterment of humanity by partnering with fellow philanthropists who share our dedication to social and humanitarian causes at the local level.
Each year, we allocate the entirety of the contributions received from our foundation, family, and friends.
Our aim is to personally visit all the institutions we support across India and Africa

Our Vision

Empowering the marginalized and overlooked segments of society, enabling them to lead lives characterized by dignity and respect.

Our Values

To ensure effective allocation of funds that every dollar is utilized to improve the lives of neglected and underserved people.
All public donations would go to the field and be tagged to the specific project.
To show the impact of their generous donations in changing the lives of the people and also connect current donors as well as potential donors showing them life-changing work and the impact of their generosity.
To encourage our donors to visit and witness the humanitarian activities of the project to see the impact of their donation

Stronger Bonds Lead to Greater Impact

Why Donate to Our Causes?

When you stay connected to the people you’re serving, you’re ultimately able to create a bigger impact.

The power structures of development start to shift from top-down to eye level. This establishes trust and impact to last beyond a community’s immediate needs.

Stitching Communities with Kindness.

Why Volunteer with Us?

Our program participants are not just numbers in the Joy of Helping notebook and expenses in our program’s budget, but rather individuals with unique stories of love, life, and challenge.

Don’t be afraid to tell these stories to our donors. These personal narratives will uphold the dignity of our program beneficiaries and ultimately allow donors to feel connected.

Connecting with Compassion over Charts.

Share Stories

Our donors are just as human and emotion-driven.

Cater to that instinctive human desire to connect, share, and love; with us. 

Share stories, not spreadsheets—it will bridge the gap between donors and program participants, highlighting the common humanity in us all. 


Humanity is the thread that weaves
Compassion, Resilience, and Connection.

To Put Humanity Back Into Nonprofit’s Impact

When relaying the impact of donors’ support, look beyond just the math and the finances.

A spreadsheet may prove that you are handling your finances wisely, but what can that tell you and your donors about the integrity, dignity, and honor of the people you’re impacting? 

Human-centric development hinges on a personal connection with the very people you serve. The idea is to build this connection by spending meaningful, face-to-face time with the beneficiaries.

About Our Founders:

Lead by Inspiration

“Our mission will not be complete until the time we see all faces around us smiling and ensure that nobody loses the courage to fight the adversities of life.”

Mrs. Prafulla Shah and Mr. Ramesh Shah

Founders of Joy of Helping

Through the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, Joy of Helping is dedicated to impact-driven work.

No Poverty

  • Skill Development for Jobs and Entrepreneurship
  • Rural Entrepreneurship Training
  • Decent livelihoods for rural communities, Musahar & Dalit women, youth, and persons with disability
  • Poverty is both a cause and consequence of poor eye health. Eye health is key to good health, mental health, and well-being.

Zero Hunger

  • Nutritious midday meal in slum schools of Nairobi

Good Health and Well Being

  • Reduced stunting, wasting, and malnutrition amongst children, adolescent girls, women, and deprived communities by providing micronutrients in the food.

Quality Education 

  • Awareness about good nutrition among pregnant women and adolescent girls

Gender Equality

  • We promote equal educational and financial opportunities despite gender, through Skill Training, and Community Rehabilitation.

Reduced Inequalities

  • Apart from this, our effort is to decrease the percentage of child marriage, child labor, child abuse, and domestic violence to bring out the people of Dalit communities from the state of backwardness and illiteracy.
  • Some of our projects also work towards livelihood rehabilitation programs to help out individuals with disabilities, abandoned seniors, or Individuals who come from underprivileged backgrounds.

Climate Action

  • We are also working with organizations working in Tree Plantation Programs, Providing Safe Drinking Water is Drought-Prone Areas, and Disaster Relief Projects.

Empower positive change today!

Join us in creating a lasting impact