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Caused by cataract and refractive errors in the East Africa region. Efforts have primarily focused on addressing cataract blindness, particularly through the provision of Free Eye Camps in rural areas.

Impact of Project Supported by Joy of Helping

Cataract and refractive errors stand as the primary causes of blindness in the East Africa region.

The main emphasis has been on combating cataract blindness, with a particular focus on organizing Free Eye Camps in rural areas, as part of the ongoing commitment of the Joy of Helping.

Support Provided for East Africa Eye Projects until 2020

Before 2020: Our Impact in Lions Sight First Eye Hospital, Nairobi 2,500,000+ patients have been served by the hospital Lions Sight First Eye Hospital, founded in July 1997, has played a significant role in providing eye care services to communities in need. As of December 2019, the hospital has made ...

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Support Provided for East Africa Eye Projects in 2020

AYUDH Kenya in association with Amrita Centre Kenya (AMMA) Amrita Centre Kenya, part of the M.A. Math Charitable Trust, collaborates with AYUDH Kenya to support various projects aimed at improving the lives of communities in Kenya over the past decade. The Kenya Society for the Blind, in collaboration with The ...

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Support Provided for East Africa Eye Projects in 2021

0 ,000 Total Examined Patients 0 + Site Restoring Surgeries Performed 0 + Bilateral Cataract Surgeries Performed 0 + Child-sight Restoring Surgeries Performed Lion sight first Eye Hospital in Nairobi Lion Hospital’s Outreach Program with Joy of Helping’s support in Nairobi involved coordinating nine distinct camp locations within a 100-mile ...

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Eliminating Curable Blindness in East Africa in 2023

Joy of Helping sponsors annual eye camps in East Africa with Lions Hospital.This initiative aims to address the significant issue of blindness in East Africa, which affects thousands of people, robbing them of their independence, dignity, and hope. Restoring sight through cataract surgeries was a meaningful way to provide support ...

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