Founders’ Note 2021

Looking Back on 2021 Experiencing the Joy of Helping We have always felt that it is our duty to give back to society. While setting up the foundation we met lot of people who shared our Vision for an Ideal Society and wanted to bring about real positive change. We ...

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CFO’s note-2021

From the Desk of our Chief Financial Officer We are proud to report to our donors that we were able to fulfill our dream of collecting $386,000 of which we have donated $ 378,000 to the neediest and marginalized communities in INDIA and East Africa to various causes. Joy of ...

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Founders’ Note 2022

Looking Back on 2022 Gratitude and Hope We extend our profound gratitude for the remarkable support you have extended and the profound transformations you have helped bring about in the lives of countless individuals. It is with a heavy heart that we convey the challenges we faced in the year ...

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CFO’s note-2022

From the Desk of our Chief Financial Officer Last financial year had a little economic turmoil in its basket as far as global financial markets were concerned, the ill effects spilt over a lot of our philanthropic ‘sewa’ work too. We fell slightly short of our target set for 2022 ...

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CFO’s note-2023

From the Desk of our Chief Financial Officer I am thrilled to announce that we have received over $400,000 in donations this year from many generous donors. In December 2023, I joined Mr. Ramesh Shah, the founder of Joy of Helping, on visits to multiple NGOs in Gujarat. It was ...

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Founders’ Note 2023

Looking Back on 2022 Gratitude and Hope We extend heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional support, positively impacting countless lives. Surpassing our 2023 goal of $400,000 in donations, we’ve expanded our reach by adding six new NGOs, including schools for disabled children, focusing on vocational training for independence and financial stability. ...

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