Making a Positive Impact to specially-abled individuals with WARDS in 2023

WARDS, an NGO supporting individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, and mental retardation, aims to bridge the gap between these children and their peers. Through various programs such as Special Education, Therapy, Digital Skills Training, and Vocational Training, WARDS helps individuals overcome their challenges and integrate into society. With a current focus on serving 105 children and 8 adults from diverse backgrounds, WARDS strives to extend its reach to a wider disabled population with the help of agencies and individuals, making a positive impact on their lives.

Expected Progress of Our Work with WARDS

Through our “Made by Special” initiative, Joy of Helping is dedicated to supporting vocational training for specially-abled individuals.
Made by Special offers a vocational training program that provides skill training through professionals and a systematic plan and campaign for the NGO to get sales for specially-abled persons’ products through management, networking, a common E-commerce platform, and digital marketing.

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