"Vocational education programs have made a real difference in the lives of countless young people nationwide; they build self-confidence and leadership skills by allowing students to utilize their unique gifts and talents."

Conrad Burns 

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Vocational Training

Our main goal is to provide training to economically disadvantaged youth aged 18 to 25, equipping them with employable, action-oriented skills and facilitating their access to both employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.  

About 0 Million
youth in India drop out of school by 10th standard

India has an average age of 29 years and an annual influx of 13 million people into the workforce. However, despite this demographic advantage, the ASER survey has revealed that learning outcomes among students completing primary or secondary schooling are distressingly low. This educational deficit restricts opportunities for progression to senior secondary or higher education.

This isn’t because these children are unsuitable for education; in fact, they form a significant part of India’s workforce. They become skilled masons, car mechanics, start small businesses, and contribute significantly to India’s progress. Many of them drop out because the traditional book-based education system doesn’t resonate with them, and the prospect of schooling and exams can be daunting.

While vocational skills training could offer a short-term solution, it’s worth noting that currently, only 2 percent of India’s workforce possesses formal skills. This leaves most young people without the necessary skills, knowledge, or networks to enter the job market. Consequently, there is widespread unemployment or under-employment, even as industries struggle to fill their job vacancies.

Joy of Helping supports the Rural Entrepreneurship Program, offering hands-on training to bridge the gap between learning and employment.

This comprehensive skilling program is tailored to the specific needs and opportunities in rural areas, providing real-time learning experiences that lead to employment.

The Non-Formal Vocational Center, equipped with hostel facilities, focuses on training tribal youth who have dropped out of school. The six-month program covers various skills such as welding, electrical wiring, home appliance repairs, and two-wheeler repairs, and it’s entirely free, including boarding and lodging.

This program operates on the principle of “learning while doing” in a real-life environment, integrating rural development and education. It’s a unique initiative recognized by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

Our Partner NGOs approach to education empowers students to gain meaningful employment, start their own businesses, innovate, and successfully enter the commercial arena.

Impact of Vocational Training Projects Supported by Joy of Helping

Women Empowerment Program with Project Life in 2022

We offered women vocational training in various fields, enabling them to earn a living and achieve self-sufficiency. Your invaluable contribution has invigorated our determination to empower an increasing number of women economically and socially. Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering tangible outcomes that benefit both society and the nation. The ...

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Support Provided to YMC in 2021

Diploma in Basic Rural Technology Program Conducting one-year residential “Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT)” program. The program is based on the philosophy of ‘Learning while doing’ in a real-life environment that integrates rural development and education. This is a unique program is recognized by ‘National Institute of Open Schooling ...

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Women Empowerment Program with Project Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic brought economic activities in India to a grinding halt, posing a significant challenge to the survival of underprivileged families, particularly those led by women. Recognizing the impossibility of conducting physical vocational training during the pandemic, we embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to provide virtual vocational training. This ...

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Women Empowerment Program with Project Life in 2020

One notable initiative focuses on empowering socially and economically disadvantaged women through the Women Empowerment Program. This program offers vocational skill-based training in various fields such as sewing, embroidery, catering, and beautician practice, empowering women to become self-reliant. Additionally, supplementary livelihood training is provided in areas like self-defense, gender equity, ...

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