Though I have known Mr. Ramesh Shah just for over a year, his simplicity and humility have brought us very close. Last year I met him in Bihar state (India) and could spend a few days with him. I came to know about his involvement in various social projects. He is using his retired life and life experiences not just to help the poor and needy through his organisation "Joy of Helping" but also be instrumental in connecting the donors with various genuine non-profit organizations. He does all this selflessly. Wherever he sees an opportunity to help someone directly or indirectly, he tries to find out different ways and makes sure that it happens. He spends many days visiting projects in very interior parts of India to understand and evaluate them. He is very open and always cager to learn and understand various subjects related to philanthropy. He respects and treats everyone so well that whoever comes in contact with him becomes a friend. I feel fortunate to know him.
Mr. Ashok Bhansali
Bhansali Trust
We would like thank you for your kind support during covid time. We had your introduction by Shri Ashokbhai Bhansali and then you communicated guided us for preparing reports and documentation for the same. Thank you very much as you have persuade matter with Sankara Foundation and resulted in support of 18000 USD total. You were generous enough to support by 10,000 USD these contributions has helped us to manage survival of hospital. Thanking you.
Dr Shreya Shah,
Drashti Netralaya
We sincerely want to thank you that the Visually Impaired in Kenya have received this big blessing because of your donation of 15,000 Canes that you have humbly given out to be distributed by Ayudh throughout Kenya.
I pray for God’s blessings to always shine upon you in the good work you do. We will keep you updated as the Launch will now take place on Tuesday 21st July 2020. Furthermore, I want you to know that we have distributed 1,500 Canes and 1,500 food packs with the help of my brother, Dr. Manoj through the Lions Club in 12 Counties in Kenya. All the accounting will be sent to you with the names and details of all the 1,500. We also have been joined by one of Kenya’s biggest Security Company like DHL Courier who has also come on board to deliver our Canes so that accountability and transparency of the goods by the correct recipients takes place during this Covid-19 times when we cannot personally hand them over as we cannot leave our homes in Nairobi.
Once again Mr. Ramesh, may Amma’s blessings always shine upon you for the good work you do every breath of your life.
Thank you for supporting the Visually Impaired in Kenya and on their behalf it is almost a miracle that has happened.
Mr. Manish Shah
Kingsway Group of Companies, Kenya
The Trustees of the Child Welfare Trust, Bhuj are delighted to write this testimonial for The NGO run by Mr. Rameshbhai Shah and his team.
Our collaboration with Mr. Rameshbhai is more than 13 years old. He has always extended a helping hand for our Dhanvantri School for specially-abled children which is a dream project of the Late Dr. Shantuben Patel. He has been a great friend, philosopher, and guide for all of us!
Dhanvantri school in Bhuj is a well-known educational institution for special children including Hearing impaired, intellectually challenged, and cerebral palsy as well as an Autism spectrum disorder. This institution takes pride in holistic and innovative learning as well as vocational training for enhancing the skills of these children. All of these activities need monetary support. Rameshbhai and his friends are great supporters of our school. Besides the annual donations, they have contributed a significant amount to the Corpus Fund of the Trust. Their vision helps us in qualitative activities for the Teachers, children, and their parents.
Our School has been a boon to the children in Bhuj & surrounding areas. Had the donors & well-wishers not supported so generously & sustainably; these differently-abled children & their families would have had a tough time seeking such special services. Many could not have afforded & accessed the same. Our transportation facilities, nutritional care, Teachers’ training, Vocational training program are most valuable for the betterment of the children.
We all are grateful and thankful to Mr. Rameshbhai and his team!
Dr. Madhuri Kulkarni
Child Welfare Trust
A big shout out to ‘Joy of Helping’ for partnering with us in setting up vision centers across the rural hinterlands of the state of Bihar, where 700,000 people are blind, 4.3 million are visually impaired, and 19 million need spectacles but do not wear one. Each of these vision centers will help provide free surgery to 800 needy patients, screen 7,800 individuals, and dispense 2,400 spectacles annually. Joy of Helping is also supporting us with IT hardware, outreach mobile application, and an HIS (Hospital Information System) system, which will further enable us to provide affordable, accessible, and sustainable eye care services in the region.
Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital the largest eye hospital in Eastern India and one of the top 5 in India, doing over 70,000 surgery annually, 80% of which are done free for the poor, wishes Joy of Helping all the best for all their other effort to transform the world and bring about a positive change.
Trishikh Dasgupta
Senior Manager – Communication, Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital
Thank you for your recent donation of Rs. 15,89,800 to Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital (a unit of Yugrishi Shriram Sharma Acharya Charitable Trust). Your contribution would be help Akhand Jyoti in setting up a Vision center in Bihar towards providing community eye care to the local population. Your valuable gift would go a long way in providing the rural marginalized people in this low-income state to gain access to primary eye care services and free sight restoring surgeries. Over the next few months, post the startup of this vision center, the center would annually provide access to eye care services for over 8000, patients. It would enable us to provide 2500 spectacles and provide nearly 800 patients to avail free surgeries every year. Your support would also provide long-term employment opportunities to young women from the marginalized communities as this vision center would be led and driven by a girl Optometrist trained and skills at Akhand Jyoti through our signature "Football to Eyeball" Program. The Vision center would also provide long term employment to four other young persons from the local community. More importantly, this vision center is projected to become self-sufficient in a span of 24 months, post which, it would generate surplus to support more blind patients with free surgeries to regain their sight. Therefore, your support would not only create employment, enable blind patients to see and get access to eye care services in these communities, but would also create a legacy of sustained support. We would also like to thank Mr. Ramesh Shah for his e-introduction with you. Mr. Shah has been to our facility last year and has seen our work and our plans for future growth of the organization. He has since then, been an ardent supporter to our cause. We appreciate knowing you through him and hope that we too would have a long-standing partnership. Unfortunately, in view of the COVID-19 situation and its aftermath, we would have to postpone the launch of the Vision center by a few months. Our team would reach out to you and share with you further details once the center is launched. Thanking you once again for your valuable support.
Mr. Mritunjay Tiwary
Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital
‘Joy of Helping’ foundation focuses on helping families and children live better. The foundation is an outstanding platform that is run by Mr. Ramesh Shah. Over the years, the foundation has organized several camps, domestically and internationally, for various causes ranging from eye camp for people with cataract, partially blind, and blind, a cardiac camp for children with congenital heart disease, and educational services for children of manual laborers. His passion and devotion towards the vision and purpose of the foundation are impressive and contagious! The foundation, since its inception, has acted as a ray of hope and happiness for countless individuals. The level of commitment that Mr. Ramesh has showcased under this initiative has not only made a remarkable impact on the beneficiaries but also encouraged many others in the community to contribute to and promote such initiatives. We are delighted to be associated with ‘Joy Of Helping’ foundation!
Dr. Tarala Kapadia & Dr. Pravin Kapadia
Donor and Volunteer
We feel that you have introduced us to California. You have used your status, stature, personal relationships, and your way of dealing to help us in a big way. Many thanks on behalf of millions of simple and innocent tribals. Support from Bhikhubhai and Manubhai will encourage us to do more.
Ashok – Shital
This is to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for helping my organization – Nari Gunjan. We work with the most marginalized and untouchable community called Musahars. Among them education is nonexistent. We started educating their first-generation children particularly girls. Our target group is adolescent girls who never went to school or are early dropouts. With your help, we are able to continue this work of educating them. With your last contribution, we have a set of new Centres opened in a new area. Because of your generosity, we get the courage to go ahead. We were also able to provide some ration to our needy people during this pandemic. Nari Gunjan and our people will always remain grateful to you for your generous help. May you be blessed with good health and prosperity and sensitivity for the less privileged.
Sudha Varghese
Nari Gunjan
Thanks to the active and generous support of Joy of Helping
We have been in a position to continue offering highly subsidized ophthalmological care and surgery to the rural population in and around our Raigad hospital which is nestled amongst 200 Adivasi villages We can’t thank them enough for Their years of continued support in the maintenance of our unique schools located on the jetties and the seashores of kutch. This has helped provide a conducive hygienic and health education facility for over 1500 fishermen’s children who otherwise would find it impossible to continue their education. Helping hands in the post-Covid scenario has taken up Skill development in basic rural technology as their new thrust area with us, where we facilitate the skilling and grooming of rural agriculture-based youth for employment and economic upliftment opportunities.
The years of continued support from Helping hands has been one of the pillars on which we have been able to build a strong platform to launch and host our comprehensive development initiatives
We once again thank them and assure them of our very best efforts in furthering their faith in all the endeavors
G. G. Parikh
With deep gratitude, we Chairman, Management Committee and the entire Lions fraternity of Kisumu, put on record your generous donation for EYE CARE in this part of the Country.
From the funds received from you, we hosted FIVE (5) Eye Camps in conjunction with the team of Doctors from Sabatia Eye Hospital, who carried out consultation of over 4,500 patients with related eye problems
Doctors carried out CATARACT operations of 700+ eyes. With your generous donation many patients were fitted with IOL and their vision were restored. Many had bi-lateral cataracts and we witnessed their joy and happiness that came from within. We too felt the feeling of contentment by helping less fortunate fellow citizens.
At this juncture, we shall never forget this warm and touching expression of your friendship. Your donation has gone a long way! God Bless you richly! During the Eye Camp, all patients were provided with free medicines and free eye glasses (those who needed)
The Camps were a resounding success due to your whole hearted support to this noble cause. There is a big need for more Camps especially in rural areas where health facilities are limited. From the records we have, many people both old and young are looking forward for eye care! We look forward to working together for such a noble social cause. I assure you personally that the funds/donation from your end will be utilized properly and administered economically.
Once again I thank you most heartily for making so many needy people inexpressibly happy.
Ramesh Mehta
SS, Ostj Past District Governor
"Above all, we need purity of Heart. Once our heart is pure, it is easy to get God's grace and and entire universal energy awakening".-Amma (www.amma.org)
Ayudh Kenya is the Youth Wing of M.A.Math Charitable Trust Kenya that is inspired by Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi (known as The Hugging Saint-AMMA) to serve the needy and less fortunate in Kenya (Africa). The main activities of Ayudh Kenya over the last two decades focuses on supporting the Visually Impaired through the White Crane Project by distribution of white canes that enables them to gain independence in society.
Ayudh Kenya would sincerely like to appreciate our main Donors-Mr Ramesh and Mrs Prafula Shah (Helping Hands-USA) for their untimely support towards this great cause. When they visited Kenya in 2018, they were touched by the initiatives undertaken through this project and offered support through their love, heart and positive energies.
Through their generous donation and support, we received 15,000 white canes for the White C(rjane Project in Kenya in May 2020. We launched the project on 21 July 2020 in Nairobi with support from our local distribution partners who are assisting us in distributing these white canes all across Kenya.
The impact created by your generous donation touched the hearts of our main local Distributing Partner-Safaricom who donated an additional 5000 white canes for the blind in Kenya. As a result of this impact and the magnitude of this project seen by other donors, we have also been able to distribute food hampers to the Visually Impaired receiving the white canes and their families during Covid-19. This milestone project has manifested tenfold amongst this section of the population in our society. Apart from this, 2000 electronic braille machines for the blind were also donated by another Donor which would not have been possible without the initiation of this project.
Amrita Centre Kenya
Art Children's Home, Beside Carton City Ulam Oy 21, C Mombasa Road, Athi River POBox 24-0021, Na Kary MAM CC No. 1300
Seeing your broad horizon and vision about this project, another Donor has come forward to protrude this project to East Africa with the distribution of 2000 white canes across the African continent as a start-up.
Your contribution towards this milestone project of planting pure love and positive energy into supporting the vulnerable population in Kenya cannot be matched.
We appreciate and Thank you once again for your continuous support and joining hands with us towards this dream.
Dr Manish Shah
Chairman/Trustee, M.A. MATH CHARITABLE TRUST KENYA , Amrita Centre, Kenya

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