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by being committed to safeguarding the rights and well-being of women and child victims of human trafficking and various forms of violence in Mumbai; under the leadership of Priti Patkar.


Prerana is committed to safeguarding the rights and well-being of women and child victims of human trafficking and various forms of violence. They strive to offer comprehensive, innovative services to empower these individuals, create opportunities for dignified lives, and lead impactful advocacy campaigns to enhance the response of both the state and civil society in addressing violence against women and children, including human trafficking. Their approach is sustainable, rights-based, development-oriented, and inclusive of active participation.


Prerana envisions a world order characterized by the following principles:

  • The innocence, weakness, or vulnerability of any human being is not exploited for commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking (CSE&T).
  • Violence, particularly gender-based violence, has no place in this world.
  • The global community is free from the trade of human beings for sexual slavery and other forms of destination crimes.
  • Victims of human trafficking are not subjected to re-victimization; instead, they are rightfully supported in their social reintegration.
  • Both the state and civil society demonstrate compassion, self-motivation, and responsiveness to victims of trafficking and gender-based violence, maintaining an unwavering commitment to eradicating these issues.
  • Every child born into this world is protected, possesses the right to make choices, and can lead a dignified life free from neglect, exploitation, and violence.
  • Prerana’s vision embodies a profound dedication to a just and equitable world where the rights and dignity of every individual, especially women and children, are upheld and protected.
  • Prerana is globally the first organization that made pathbreaking interventions in the redlight areas to protect the children of the sex workers and help them move upwards in life with education as the main ladder of mobility.
  • By focusing on education, they’ve uplifted children from red-light areas and those whose mothers have migrated. This collaborative effort has led to remarkable results.
  • Prerana’s intervention, backed by Joy of Helping, has enabled these children to break free from the cycle of exploitation.
  • Through education, they are becoming self-reliant, responsible individuals.
  • The positive outcomes are inspiring: educated youth are guiding their mothers out of the sex trade and pursuing diverse careers, such as computer software, social work, nursing, and fashion design.

This intervention is not only changing individual lives but also transforming the overall landscape of these red-light areas.


Prerna stands as the pioneering organization globally, spearheading transformative initiatives within the red-light districts, aimed at safeguarding the offspring of sex workers and propelling them toward a brighter future through the cornerstone of education.

Need for the Endeavor:

Inhabitants of the RED LIGHT AREAS, especially the children, find themselves denied the very basic rights that are rightfully theirs. The mothers hailing from remote, poverty-stricken villages endure estrangement from their roots and are thrust into the vast metropolis, where they lead lives as sex slaves, bearing the weight of societal stigma.

Project Overview:

The ESP initiative remains steadfast in furnishing educational assistance to children from the triad of Redlight areas, as well as those whose mothers have migrated to the suburbs of Mumbai, Thane, and Raigad districts.

Within this endeavor, youngsters are enrolled in preschools, and their transition to higher learning institutions and vocational training establishments is facilitated. Furthermore, comprehensive support spanning curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular realms is extended.

The project delves into the provision of educational materials, psychosocial counseling, and supplementary inputs for children residing in shelter facilities, ensuring sustained care and protection throughout the project’s Duration.


  • Prerna’s observance has underscored the transformation of educated children/youth into independent individuals, adept at making responsible decisions, and etching a place for themselves and their mothers in society’s fabric.
  • The present generation, under Prerna’s guidance, aspires to excel academically and pursue professions that lend stability to their futures.
  • Those nurtured through their scholastic and collegiate journey have become self-reliant contributors to society.
  • Many have even liberated their mothers from the clutches of the sex trade.
  • Aspirations now encompass pursuits in computer software, social work master’s programs, BSc Nursing, laboratory technology, fashion design, and more.

Project Aims:

  • Instill an achievement-oriented mindset through formal education among prostituted mothers and their offspring residing in RLA.
  • Counsel and motivate these mothers and children to enroll and persist within the formal education system.
  • Foster optimal alignment between children and the education system, fostering regular attendance, preventing dropouts, curbing absenteeism, and minimizing learning stagnation and wastage.
  • Augment formal schooling with financial backing, supplementary (remedial) education, specialized instruction, additional coaching, stress and time management training, and life skills education.
  • Guarantee children’s physical and mental well-being, while engaging them in professionally designed life skills education to enhance communication, cooperation, collaboration, and essential developmental tools.

Recipient Demographics:

Children born to prostituted mothers within metropolitan red-light districts remain universally and gravely neglected. Their lives brim with tales of suffering, privation, and exploitation. Almost as an unjust, unwritten decree, girls born to such mothers often succumb to commercial sexual exploitation, while boys often fall into roles as pimps, brothel keepers, procurers, or traffickers.

These children, situated at the nadir of the socio-economic hierarchy, have received scant attention from the state or civil society, save for a few exceptions. This childhood is marked by the harshest forms of exploitation, neglect, privation, stigma, and bias. A seemingly unending tunnel characterizes their existence.

Impact of Project Supported by Joy of Helping

Joy of Helping is dedicated to ensuring every child’s fundamental right to free and quality education up to the age of 14, promoting equal opportunities without discrimination based on caste, class, gender, or religion. Our focus with Prerana is on rescuing and providing education to Children of Sex-Trade Workers, addressing issues such as illiteracy, socio-economic challenges, and cultural constraints. By addressing education and holistic development, this collaboration is fostering a generation of empowered individuals who are rewriting their destinies.

Prerana’s Night Care Center(NCC) in 2021

Prerana’s Night Care Center (NCC) is a space created to ensure the safety and development of children living in the red-light areas. This program was initiated as a response to the needs of mothers in the sex trade to keep their children safe during the night. The NCC provides services ...

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Support Provided to Prerana in 2022

With 41 students benefiting from Joy of Helping’s outreach, counseling, sponsorship, and school enrollment, the impact is evident. By addressing education and holistic development, this collaboration is fostering a generation of empowered individuals who are rewriting their destinies. Empower positive change today! Join us in creating a lasting impact Support ...

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