“I know that I can’t solve all the maternal health challenges in the World by myself. I need and want others to join me.”

Christy Turlington

Our Causes

Children and Women’s Health

Our main goal is to enhance the health and nutrition of women and children in India. 

Despite the new sustainable development goal (SDG3) prioritizing universal access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, many Indian women facing infertility, fibroids, pregnancy and menstruation-related issues, still struggle to obtain affordable, high-quality care.

This need is particularly pronounced in rural India, where social stigmas often deter women from seeking consultation and treatment, exacerbating the problem

There is an urgent need for enhanced education and standardized approaches in screening, diagnosing, treating, and managing maternal health not only during pregnancy but also in the postnatal period.

For years, gynecological issues among rural women went unaddressed. However, through continuous efforts by BST and the involvement of midwives, remarkable progress has been made in addressing the unresolved health problems of rural women, particularly in Kutch.

Conditions like uterine prolapse and large fibroids, which were previously considered common after home deliveries, are now receiving attention and care.

In addition, heart problems among rural women and children have also gone unnoticed for years. Impoverished working women have been grappling with conditions like MVR and DVR, while children have been affected by heart diseases such as ASD, VSD, TOF, and PDA. Since 2003, Joy of Helping has played a vital role in managing, collecting, and distributing funds annually to support cardiac camps, addressing these critical healthcare needs in the community.

Additionally, we have made significant efforts in children’s nutrition by supporting organizations such as the Akshaya Patra Foundation. This support enables the provision of hygienic and nutritious mid-day meals in public schools, benefiting underprivileged children.

We have undertaken initiatives to educate and support new mothers through awareness programs focused on health and nutrition for children.

In 20 years, 3,500+ Woman have undergone successful genecology surgeries in 60+ camps

Impact of Children and Women's Health Projects Supported by Joy of Helping

School Feeding Program in 2022

In the pursuit of fostering the growth of responsible citizens, we have embarked on a mission to create a profound impact on the lives of the most underprivileged families in Kenya. Our focus is on the children in these families who, sadly, lack access to proper nutrition. The plight of ...

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Support Provided to Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in 2022

DPMC offers such Juvenile beneficiaries the regular free annual package, which would cost Rs.4000/- covering several periodic pathological tests and check-ups of different parts of the body as diabetes normally affects all such vital organs of the body gradually. The center boasts expert medical staff, including diabetologists, specialists, pathologists, cardiologists, ...

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Support Provided to Bhojay Sarvoday Trust in 2022

Bhojay Sarvoday Trust focuses on healthcare for rural and marginalized communities. Their Mahila Arogya Abhiyan program, launched in 2012, provides diagnostic camps in rural areas, where gynaecologists examine women, offer free medication, and arrange surgeries at Bhojay Hospital. This monthly initiative prevents disease escalation by delivering prompt medical or surgical ...

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Support Provided to Bidada Sarvoday Trust till 2020

Joy of Helping has been participating in yearly camps since 1984, working alongside doctors, volunteers, and trustees in various capacities. Since 2000, they have been contributing a significant amount of money, both from family members and friends. They were responsible for managing, collecting, and donating a substantial sum annually to ...

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Support Provided to Bhojay Sarvoday Trust till 2020

Joy of Helping has been supporting one of the Gynaecology camps since 2003. In seventeen years, Bhojay Trust was able to perform 850 such operations through our support. Rural women in Kutch had been suffering from prolapsed utters and large fibroids, particularly because they thought it was common after home ...

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