Livelihood Tools Support Programme to Garbage Collectors with VSSM in 2022

In the event of the unfortunate passing of the sole breadwinner of a family or their significant illness jeopardizing the family’s survival, there arises a critical need for support to such families. These families are unable to earn during the absence of their main earner, often having a large number of dependents and facing financial vulnerability. In such situations, it becomes paramount to rehabilitate the livelihood of the remaining family member.

Recognizing their uncertainty about repaying loans, we chose an alternative approach to extend assistance.

We decided to offer support in the form of tools and materials, enabling them to establish their own businesses. To aid and restore the well-being of affected families, VSSM provides essential tools such as handcarts, sewing machines, pedal rickshaws, cutlery, and more, allowing the surviving parent to earn a respectable income.

This initiative was launched in 2021 as a response to the loss of jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The program is an extension of our self-sustaining livelihood initiative, catering to marginalized families who lack the means to secure loans, and facilitating their journey towards financial independence.

This endeavor allows Joy of Helping to reach beyond nomadic communities, encompassing the most marginalized segments of society. To date, we have successfully aided over 350 families in reclaiming their livelihoods through Tool Support.

Tool support has been extended to 21 different occupations, benefiting more than 350 individuals. Beneficiaries from 13 districts of Gujarat have been covered. Support totaling Rs. 25 Lakhs has been provided.


Tool support has been extended to beneficiaries across two districts of Gujarat, encompassing various occupations such as Pedal Rickshaws, Sugarcane Juice, Shops, Plastic Toy Trolleys, Cutlery, Toran and Wristwatch, Sewing Machines, Dress Materials (Fabrics), and Provision Store Items.

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