Community-Based Rehabilitation for Orphan Children Alternative Care with Nari Gunjan in 2021

The Background Story:

Through the unwavering support of JOY OF HELPING and its donors, Nari Gunjan is able to ensure safety and protection for the most vulnerable children within the Musahar communities.

Nari Gunjan has effectively shielded these children from abuse and neglect, granting them access to primary education and healthcare services. This commitment guarantees that these children are entitled to a healthy and joyful childhood.

Nari Gunjan has also taken significant strides in providing an alternative home for 60 orphans, either by reuniting them with their immediate relatives or by placing them in nurturing foster families.

Financial support sponsored by Nari Gunjan has facilitated parents and caregivers in properly looking after these children, thereby preventing institutionalization that may arise due to economic challenges.

This has been achieved through regular training sessions conducted with parents, caregivers, and other stakeholders. These sessions cover various aspects of child rights, relevant laws, children’s psychological needs, parenting, and children’s entitlements.

The training has effectively motivated the Musahar and Dalit communities to combat social issues such as child marriage, child labor, child trafficking, and abuse.

Achievements and Activities of Nari Gunjan:

  • The income of destitute families and kinship care parents has increased, resulting in better protection of children’s rights.
  • This improvement has led to enhanced nutrition, education, clothing, and medical assistance for all rehabilitated children.
  • These children have been successfully enrolled in schools, and kinship care or alternative caregivers have augmented their knowledge and skills. As a result, they have created safe environments for the children under their care and have begun actively supporting children in need.
  • This approach empowers children to express their opinions and assume leadership roles.

Livelihood Support:

  • Nari Gunjan is engaged in livelihood programs aimed at enhancing and strengthening the sustainable well-being and security of Mahadalit orphan children. By collaborating with marginalized families, particularly those excluded from the economic and social mainstream due to caste disparities,

Nari Gunjan with Joy of Helping’s support is striving to facilitate their participation in sustainable livelihood activities.

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