Grocery Support Programme for Unattended Elderly with VSSM in 2022

We have observed that certain individuals, often destitute and suffering from illness, find themselves abandoned by their families.

These individuals are left with no choice but to resort to begging or rely heavily on the kindness of others for their survival. Among them, there are couples and individuals who lack their own children or have been deserted by their offspring.

Due to various circumstances, these individuals are unable to support themselves physically and financially.

Recognizing the dire circumstances faced by these individuals, VSSM with Joy of Helping’s support steps in to offer assistance by providing them with a monthly Ration Kit, aiming to uplift their lives.

Moreover, for those who are unable to prepare their own meals, VSSM arranges cooked food. In addition to the Food Grains support provided by VSSM, these individuals are also connected with various government welfare programs to ensure their overall well-being.

Progress Overview:

To date, we have extended support to 521 beneficiaries. Among them, 388 beneficiaries receive consistent monthly ration kit support.

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