Education Program with Prerana in 2022


Prerana is globally the first organization that made pathbreaking interventions in the redlight areas to protect the children of the sex workers and help them move upwards in life with education as the main ladder of mobility.

By focusing on education, they’ve uplifted children from red-light areas and those whose mothers have migrated. This collaborative effort has led to remarkable results.
Prerana’s intervention, backed by Joy of Helping, has enabled these children to break free from the cycle of exploitation.
Through education, they are becoming self-reliant, responsible individuals.
The positive outcomes are inspiring: educated youth are guiding their mothers out of the sex trade and pursuing diverse careers, such as computer software, social work, nursing, and fashion design. This intervention is not only changing individual lives but also transforming the overall landscape of these red-light areas..
With 41 students benefiting from Joy of Helping’s outreach, counseling, sponsorship, and school enrollment, the impact is evident. By addressing education and holistic development, this collaboration is fostering a generation of empowered individuals who are rewriting their destinies

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