Education to Nomadic Children with VSSM in 2022

Education Disparities Among Nomadic Communities and Empowering Through Support

Nomadic Communities face significant disparities in accessing and valuing education, resulting in their exclusion from mainstream academic pathways.

VSSM has taken substantial strides to rectify this by establishing Balghars and bridge schools in settlements, enrolling children in government or private schools, arranging residential educational placements, and initiating hostels.

Sponsoring Children’s Education

  • Children residing in these hostels hail from highly marginalized backgrounds yet stand as exemplars within their families and communities.
  • Equipped with vocational training, these children aim to augment family income through skilled employment, as their communities’ traditional vocations have become obsolete.
  • Many parents lack the means to shift professions due to a lack of skills.
  • These children are on a trajectory to become self-sustaining professionals, setting a precedent for others.

They are not just recipients of education facilitated by VSSM; they serve as role models. Securing gainful employment is crucial to maintaining parents’ faith in sending their children to school, a journey that commences from their earliest years of primary education.

Support through the Joy of Helping

Our Donor’s invaluable support has fulfilled a pressing need – education.

We have been able to provide accommodation, sustenance, and educational expenses for the following four students:

  • Drashti Nayak
  • Parth Nayak
  • Tarun Vaghari
  • Puja Mahato

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