Women Empowerment Program with Project Life in 2022

We offered women vocational training in various fields, enabling them to earn a living and achieve self-sufficiency. Your invaluable contribution has invigorated our determination to empower an increasing number of women economically and socially. Our commitment remains steadfast in delivering tangible outcomes that benefit both society and the nation.

The Significance of Women’s Empowerment:

The imperative for women’s empowerment has arisen due to long-standing gender discrimination and male dominance within Indian communities.

Women have been denied socio-political rights, such as the right to work, education, and self-determination, by their families and society for centuries. The prevalence of poverty, gender inequality, and illiteracy in rural Gujarat underscores the urgency of empowering women.

The Women Empowerment program, launched in 2008, aims to uplift underprivileged women in Gujarat. It offers a comprehensive 12-week vocational training in diverse fields, including Sewing, Embroidery, Catering, Beautician Practice, Computer Operation, and more. Additional training covers essential topics such as Self-defense, Gender Equality, Banking, Budgeting, and Finance, contributing to their overall empowerment and dignified existence within society. To date, we have successfully empowered over 10,000 women both economically and socially.

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