Enabling Special Children with Child Welfare Trust in Bhuj in 2023

The CHILD WELFARE TRUST (CWT) in Bhuj was founded in 1998 by Dr. Shantuben Patel, a pediatrician with a vision to integrate special children into the mainstream of Kutch district.
This modern school, spanning 18,000 square feet, is specifically designed to cater to the educational and vocational training needs of handicapped children.

Impact and Progress of Our Work with Child Welfare Trust:

  • Joy of Helping provided the part of the funding to build the new facility for CWT.
  • The program caters to children with diverse challenges like Cerebral Palsy and hearing impairments.
  • It includes assessments, family visits, and individualized treatment plans.
    Therapies like physiotherapy and speech therapy are provided.
  • Life skills development and creative expression classes enrich the program.
  • Joy of Helping is also supporting CWT with its Vocational Training Program through our “Made By Special” Platform, significantly improving the skills and quality of work created by the specially-abled individuals, thus providing them with an upgraded opportunity to make a living.
  • Overall, Joy of Helping empowers children with special needs to lead fulfilling lives.

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