School Feeding Program in 2022

In the pursuit of fostering the growth of responsible citizens, we have embarked on a mission to create a profound impact on the lives of the most underprivileged families in Kenya.

Our focus is on the children in these families who, sadly, lack access to proper nutrition.

The plight of a hungry child gives rise to multifaceted challenges:

  • Diminished Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Impaired Physical and Cognitive Development
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Long-term Impact on National Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Economic Prosperity

Our Commitment to Donors:

  • Through our Donor’s generous contributions, they were a catalyst for life-changing transformations in the lives of Kenya’s neediest children.

Our Positive Influence:

Upon discovering that nutritious meals are available at the schools, parents are encouraged to send their children there. “Joy of Helping” supplies funds to provide nourishing meals enriched with fresh vegetables, protein, and mineral-rich beans and grains.

Each day begins with a nourishing breakfast of Uji Porridge, accompanied by a serving of boiled sweet potato – a nutritional powerhouse. The porridge is thoughtfully crafted with ingredients such as soya beans, chickpeas, pearl millet, maize meal, Cuban beans, milk powder, and sugar for sustained energy.

Exemplary Hygiene Standards:

All meals are prepared within the school premises under the vigilant supervision of Pankaj and his Team, ensuring impeccable hygiene, regular fumigation, sanitation, and adherence to stringent food safety protocols.

This initiative exclusively serves schools situated in slum areas and other economically disadvantaged regions.

Skilled School Cooks:

Our dedicated volunteer chefs, along with our in-house culinary expert, provide regular training to school cooks in food preparation techniques, hygiene practices, and culinary skills. This ensures that each day’s meal is both delectable and nourishing.

Kanjeru Primary School

Kanjeru Primary School caters to children whose families struggle to make ends meet. "Joy of Helping" initiated the school feeding program in October, enrolling 700 children. Thanks to this program, the enrollment has grown to 900 children, with another 60 applications received this term.

Limuru Mission School

Serving 1500 children from various primary schools, Limuru Mission School has been receiving support from "Joy of Helping" since January 10, 2022. The majority of these families reside near the tea farms, and most parents work as daily wage earners, finding employment for only about half of the month.

An Appeal for Support:

We reach out to you based on your demonstrated compassion for children in need of proper nourishment, which directly impacts their ability to focus and excel in their studies. Your generous assistance has the potential to uplift the lives of children in slum communities.

Joy of Helping’s Appeal:

Feeding 2000-2200 Students in Nairobi’s Poorest Slum Areas

We invite you to embrace the opportunity to make a difference. By adopting both schools, you will support a total of 2000-2200 students. Team Pankaj has generously agreed to cover 50% of the cost for breakfast and midday meals. The overall project cost for 240 days stands at $80,000. With a shared commitment, $40,000 will be allocated, amounting to $850 per week to nourish these students. This means that it only costs $20 per student to provide sustenance for an entire year, thanks to the collaboration with Team Pankaj.

Empower positive change today!

Join us in creating a lasting impact