Restoring Vision: The Journey of Ishwar Damor through Cataract Surgery with Drashti Netralaya


Ishwar was an eight-year-old boy from Nagalal Damor in Jolana village, Banswada district, Rajasthan State. Jolana is a small village situated 60 km away from Dahod, with a total population of approximately 3000-4000. The primary source of income in the village is agriculture.

Nagalal, Ishwar’s father, is a thirty-four-year-old illiterate small farmer who works as a laborer in a store, earning a monthly income ranging from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1500. He lacks literacy and awareness about common eye diseases and the availability of eye care services.


According to Nagalal, Ishwar had a problem with conjunctivitis two years ago. During that time, Nagalal administered eye drops instead of taking him to a dispensary for treatment, considering it a simple issue of conjunctivitis and corneal opacity. Over time, Ishwar gradually lost vision in his right eye and eventually in his left eye. Even at this stage, his father remained unaware of his son’s vision problems.

Nagalal works as a laborer in a kirana store, owned by Shital Jain, a young and literate individual. About a month before seeking treatment, Shital Jain, upon seeing Ishwar, advised Nagalal to seek medical attention in Banswada. However, due to a lack of awareness and misconceptions such as cataracts not affecting children, Ishwar did not receive immediate treatment.

Drashti Netralaya (DN) operates Tata Mobile at various blocks in Dahod, Banswada, and Zabua districts to reach patients. In October-14, a mobile diagnostic camp was organized in Jolana. Satish Jain, aware of Ishwar’s eye problem, advised Nagalal to bring Ishwar for an eye checkup.

Ishwar presented with dimness of vision in both eyes during the checkup. He had been unable to see with both eyes for the past two years. The DN team identified cataracts in both eyes and referred him to the base hospital for surgery. Due to his eye problems, Ishwar had not been able to attend school.

Ishwar underwent cataract surgery for both eyes on January 13th and 14th, 2015. His father accompanied him on the day of surgery, and necessary postoperative instructions were provided. Ishwar consistently attended follow-up appointments.


Before surgery, Ishwar struggled to see objects properly. After the surgery, his vision significantly improved, and he could now see objects clearly. He expressed happiness at regaining his vision, and his family members expressed gratitude toward Drashti Netralaya. The pediatric project not only restores sight but also saves the lives of children in the project area.

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