Support Provided to YMC in 2022

Migrant Salt Workers Children’s Education

Salt workers, who work seasonally, face low incomes and lack social security. They endure hazardous environments and extreme weather conditions. Poor education and awareness contribute to health issues, as they overlook potential risks. The use of protective gear is not a priority, and hygiene habits are subpar. Their settlements lack basics like clean water and sanitation. Government and NGOs should improve their health and living standards. Many join the salt industry yearly.

For two decades, the Yusuf Meherally Centre has run Sagar School for their children, with ten schools operational last year.

Key Issues:

  • Annual turnover of students.
  • Limited education, typically ending at the 8th grade.
  • Unemployment during the three-month rainy season, leading to reliance on loans from intermediaries and subsequent low-wage work.

Reduction in school support due to COVID-19: Over 30 schools previously supported, but UNICEF withdrew aid during the pandemic. Aarti Foundation backed ten schools that are now closed.

Presently, two Sagar Shalas are operational with assistance from another NGO, while JOY OF HELPING supports six Sagar Shalas.

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