Struggles Faced by Widows in Vrindavan in 2023

In Vrindavan, widows face domestic violence, abandonment, and poverty. Originating mostly from West Bengal, they lack access to healthcare and job opportunities.
Key Challenges:

  • Inadequate Infrastructure
  • Poor sanitation
  • Staffing and Maintenance Issues
  • Overcrowding
  • Limited Opportunities

Despite efforts from organizations like RK Mission Hospital and Kali Bari Hospital, more comprehensive solutions are needed to support Vrindavan’s widows.

Expected Progress:

  • Launching Vocational & Skill Development Program for widowed mothers
  • Empowerment through trade skills, boosting confidence and providing livelihood
  • Provision of two fully automatic fashion maker machines for stitching and embroidery
  • Introduce improved product lines for higher profits
  • Providing necessary healthcare resources, supplements, and medication
  • Organizing periodic health camps
  • Offering transportation services for hospital visits
  • Addressing clothing needs.

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