Vision Centers and Bilateral Surgeries with Drashti Netralaya in 2023

Drashti Netralaya, founded by Dr. Mehul Shah and Dr. Shreya Shah, stands as a beacon of compassionate vision care, transcending socio-economic barriers with a mission to offer the best and latest eye care to all, regardless of financial standing.
This hospital has emerged as a transformative force in rural and tribal communities, achieving significant milestones and providing crucial services.

The hospital’s outreach efforts include Six Vision Centers, one Surgical Center, and a network of drivers and mobile vans. Operating as a paperless hospital with advanced technology for efficient documentation, it empowers local tribal youth and boasts a structured workflow and world-class facilities despite its rural location.
Drashti Netralaya serves as a one-stop center for comprehensive eye care, exemplifying excellence in healthcare provision and technological integration.

Impact and Progress of Our Work with Drashti Netralaya

  • New Vision Center: Establishing a new Vision Center to extend coverage in tribal belts, ensuring more people can access eye care services.
  • Funding Support for Bilateral Surgeries: Financial assistance for bilateral surgeries, contributing to the hospital’s mission of providing free surgeries to those in need.

Why Support Drashti Netralaya?

  • Reach Expansion: Drashti Netralaya serves tribal areas in three states, enhancing healthcare accessibility.
    Tribal Empowerment: Collaboration provides job opportunities and skills training for local tribal youth.
  • Vision Loss Prevention: Supporting Drashti Netralaya is vital in combating the increasing prevalence of vision impairment.

Drashti Netralaya’s dedication to quality eye care transforms rural and tribal communities. Partnering with organizations like Joy of Helping can enhance its impact, benefiting those in need.

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