Educating Children of Musahar Community with Nari Gunjan in 2023

The literacy rate among women was as low as 1%, with men only slightly better at around 3%. It was clear that their children were not attending school, highlighting the urgent need for intervention.
To tackle this issue, Nari Gunjan, since 1986 has taken up the initiative to establish educational centers and offer assistance to these marginalized children and families.

Nari Gunjan is dedicated to empowering underprivileged segments of society, with a focus on educating, promoting equity, and liberating Dalit children.

The main recipients of this initiative are Mahadalit children. Moreover, the project seeks to support youth up to the 10th grade, while the entire Mahadalit and deprived community benefits indirectly.

The key goal of this project is to enhance educational opportunities by setting up 20 new education centers in Phulwari. These centers will concentrate on educating children of Musahar who have never been to school or dropped out.

Impact and Progress of Our Work with Nari Gunjan in Education

  • Increased access to education for Musahar children.
  • Improved literacy rates and life skills among the community.
  • Reduction in discrimination and dropout rates in government schools.
  • Enhanced socio-economic prospects for the Musahar community.

With support from Joy helping this project, Dalit children have the opportunity to get an education, and that has long been deprived of its benefits.

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