Promoting Self Reliance among the specially-abled individuals with Tamahar Center in 2023

Tamahar, a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Mrs. Vaishali Pai, an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience, focuses on childhood disability, specifically developmental delay due to brain damage. Serving children from diverse backgrounds, Tamahar adopts a holistic developmental intervention approach, combining Early Intervention, Special Education, Auxiliary Therapies, Family Programs, and Recreation. Their mission is to enable children with brain damage and their families to lead happy, healthy, and dignified lives in inclusive societies through rehabilitation services, capacity building, community engagement, and advocacy. One key aspect is caregiver training, recognizing parents as primary therapists. Joy of Helping aims to support by providing vocational training to caregivers, particularly mothers, empowering them with skills and promoting self-reliance through a product line developed in collaboration with Made by Special and promoted through e-commerce channels.

Expected Progress of Our Work with Tamahar Center

Joy of Helping’s “Made by Special” initiative is committed to fostering vocational training for both specially-abled individuals and caregivers. Our goal is to empower these individuals with the necessary skills to lead independent lives and make meaningful contributions to society. Through our Vocational Training program, we provide comprehensive skill development led by professionals. Additionally, Made by Special implements a strategic plan and campaign to facilitate sales of products made by specially-abled individuals or caregivers. This initiative utilizes management strategies, networking opportunities, a shared e-commerce platform, and digital marketing to promote and sell these products effectively.

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