Contributing towards a greener and smarter planet with Sarvodaya Parivar Trust in 2023

Our donation to Sarvodaya Parivar Trust impacts five key areas:

  • Agricultural support: Building check dams for water resources and enhancing productivity.
  • Environmental protection: Constructing embankments to prevent soil erosion.
  • Water conservation: Creating ponds for clean water access.
  • Green initiatives: Tree plantation for a healthier ecosystem.
  • Education empowerment: Supporting schools for underserved communities.

Impact and Progress:

With our donor’s generosity, 50% of donations support educational endeavors, while the remaining 50% is utilized to procure grains, distributed among laborers engaged in these transformative projects. This support not only uplifts individuals but also fosters community engagement, as laborers are encouraged to contribute 20% of their efforts for the collective benefit.
Joy of Helping donates to build check dams to improve agriculture production for the needy also embankments to prevent soil erosion, Tree plantation.

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