Agriculture by the Landless with Nari Gunjan in 2021

Mushahar Women on leased land

It’s akin to a small-scale revolution that Mushahar women from Phulwari, Bihta, and Punpun Blocks proudly identify themselves as members of the National Forum for Women Farmers.

The genesis of this transformative movement traces back to 2016, following the Bihar Government’s proclamation of an Alcohol Ban.

This drastic change left the community, which relied on crafting and vending liquor for its sustenance, apprehensive about its future prospects.

It was during this critical juncture that Nari Gunjan intervened.

Through the leasing of 2 acres of land for 30,000 Indian Rupees, Nari Gunjan initiated a Communal Farming Initiative, enlisting ten women from the Musahar community to engage in the cultivation of essential food crops.

The proceeds from this endeavor empowered these women to reinvest in the land lease for the subsequent year, perpetuating their agricultural pursuits. With unwavering guidance and support from Nari Gunjan, these women have cultivated skills in marketing, business acumen, and negotiation.

This evolution has enabled them not only to secure ownership of the land they work on but also to sustain their agricultural activities.

As a result, they have not only managed to provide sustenance for their families but have also facilitated their children’s education, thereby securing a more promising future for their entire households.

Following the triumph of this initiative, Nari Gunjan has established ten similar groups, each comprised of ten women, across nine centers and seven villages.

With Joy of Helping’s Collaboration, the intention is to expand this initiative to encompass additional villages, thereby affording more women the opportunity to reap its benefits, attain land ownership, and attain self-sufficiency as farmers.

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