Bringing Technology to bridge the educational gap at Gram Swaraj Sangh School in 2023

Gram Swaraj Sangh, known as “Son Tekari”, operates in the remote region of Kutch along the Rapar – Nilpar road. Over three decades, it has uplifted neglected tribal communities, facilitating remarkable changes in the area.
Through its efforts, numerous children have attained respectable positions despite the region’s low literacy rates.

Notably, the trust has significantly increased girls’ education through awareness campaigns, with 120 girls currently benefiting from its fully residential school.

Emphasizing compulsory boarding and physical labor, Gram Swaraj Sangh fosters community life and instills values of cooperation and self-reliance. With a focus on sustainable development, their organizational values prioritize community-centric upliftment through education, health, and employment opportunities.

Operating a residential school with 250 students, their mission is to empower the underprivileged in remote areas of Kutch. Despite technological limitations, their students remain dedicated to hard work and deserve the best resources available.

Impact and Progress of Our Work with Gram Swaraj Sangh School

To address the technological limitations faced by Gram Swaraj Sangh, Joy of Helping aims to support them in acquiring tablets.
By providing access to technology, we can bridge the educational gap and advance their vision for comprehensive development.

This initiative will empower the school to integrate modern educational tools, ensuring that students in remote areas have access to the same opportunities as their urban counterparts.

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