Supporting Akhand Jyoti in 2020

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital is a charitable organization dedicated to combating curable blindness in economically disadvantaged regions of Bihar.
By delivering high-impact eye care services, the hospital aims to alleviate poverty and restore dignity to the lives of the less fortunate

Joy of Helping has funded one vision center and contributed to develop a Hindi-language telemedicine application, which will aid in identifying and correcting eye problems promptly to prevent vision loss.

Tele-Medicine Project Details:

Joy of Helping has provided project funding covering product development, licensing, integration costs, and handheld tools for on-site eye disease checks.


Bihar has shown the highest growth in new internet users, with a 35% increase over the past year. The COVID-19 crisis has made social distancing necessary, impacting Akhand Jyoti’s ability to conduct screening and provide services at camps and facilities. This creates a pressing need for the telemedicine app.

App Purpose:

The app will connect rural patients from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh (with potential for expansion) to:

Consult and receive prescriptions from Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital.

Enable community outreach workers to connect remote patients directly with doctors for continued care.

Allow doctors at Akhand Jyoti to provide online consultations to patients.

This app addresses the need for accessible eye care without patients having to leave their homes, especially in the context of COVID-19.

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