Water-Forest-Land Conservation Work with Sarvodaya Parivar Trust in 2022

Joy of Helping contributes to the Sarvodaya Parivar Trust in five distinct areas aimed at enhancing the lives of impoverished and vulnerable families:

  • Constructing new check dams to boost agricultural output.
  • Establishing embankments to counteract soil erosion.
  • Creating a pond near wells to augment water levels.
  • Engaging in tree plantation activities in forested areas.
  • Supporting education initiatives in two different schools.

Half of the donated funds from the Joy of Helping are allocated towards education, while the remaining 50% is utilized to procure grains for distribution among the workforce involved in the aforementioned projects.

The trust aids underserved communities by providing grains during April and May. Additionally, the trust encourages laborers to participate by working and contributing 20% to public involvement.

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