Vision Restored: The Inspiring Journey of Sita Tersing Garasiya through Pediatric Cataract Surgery at Drashti Netralaya


Sita Tersing Garasiya, a sixteen-year-old girl, from Gamaniya village, Banswada district, Rajasthan state, is the focus of this case study. Gamaniya is situated fifty kilometers away from Dahod. Sita, unmarried and engaged in household work, hails from a financially struggling family. Tersingbhai, her father, is a farmer with education up to the fifth standard.


Sita faced vision problems since the age of four. Until that age, she could see with both eyes. However, her vision gradually declined after turning four. Initially, she experienced night blindness, and her parents took her to the Government Hospital at Bagidara for examination and treatment. Despite receiving treatment, her condition did not improve. Over time, she lost her day vision as well, leading to total blindness. Sita encountered numerous challenges in her daily activities, causing great concern for her parents. They sought treatment for her at various hospitals in Zalod, Banswada, and Bagidara. Doctors advised her father that surgery was not possible at her age and suggested visiting Vadodara for treatment. Due to economic constraints, Tersingbhai could not afford to take Sita to Vadodara. Lack of awareness among parents and medical practitioners, coupled with ineffective treatments, needlessly left Sita blind for twelve years.

Drashti Netralaya (DN) conducts mobile diagnostic camps in various areas of Dahod, Banswada, and Zabua districts to reach out to economically disadvantaged patients. Sita attended one such camp in January-15 at Banswada. Tersingbhai, already familiar with DN due to a person he knew being treated there, brought Sita to the camp.

DN’s team examined Sita and diagnosed cataracts in both of her eyes. She was scheduled for surgery at the base hospital in Dahod.


On the day of the operation, Tersingbhai accompanied Sita. Cataract surgery was performed on her right eye on 25/1/2015 and on her left eye on 5/1/2015. Preoperative medical tests were conducted, and the surgery was deemed successful. Postoperative instructions were provided to her father.


Following the surgery, Sita regained vision in both eyes, marking a significant improvement. Her father regularly brings her for follow-up appointments, and they express deep gratitude to Drashti Netralaya for restoring Sita’s vision. Tersing stated, “I was truly exhausted moving from place to place for Sita’s treatment. Effective treatment was only found at Drashti Netralaya, where the doctors and staff, skilled and kind-hearted, provided a new life to Sita by restoring her vision. I am very thankful to DN and Wonder Work International.”

Sita’s parents and family members express their gratitude towards DN, highlighting the Pediatric Eye Care Project as a blessing for children in project villages. The project not only saves the lives of children but also fulfills the dreams of those with eye problems, allowing them to see the world with normal eyes. The Pediatric Eye Care Project enables parents to realize their dream of providing a normal childhood to children with eye defects.

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