Support Provided for East Africa Eye Projects in 2021

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Site Restoring Surgeries Performed
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Bilateral Cataract Surgeries Performed
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Child-sight Restoring Surgeries Performed
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Lion sight first Eye Hospital in Nairobi

Lion Hospital’s Outreach Program with Joy of Helping’s support in Nairobi involved coordinating nine distinct camp locations within a 100-mile radius. An average of 11,000 patients were screened at these sites. Specifically selected patients were transported to the hospital, where they underwent cataract surgery three times a week, allowing all 500 cataract operations to be completed within a three-week timeframe. Additionally, funding was allocated to perform 300 pediatric surgeries over the course of the entire year.

A total of 800 operations was performed at the Lion hospital in Nairobi.

Lion Eye Hospital in Mombasa

Lion Hospital with Joy of Helping’s support organized three separate camp locations within an 85-mile radius of Mombasa. An average of 1,000 patients sought checkups at these sites. Specifically chosen patients were transported to the hospital and underwent cataract surgery twice a week, allowing for the completion of all 200 cataract operations within one month.

Sabatia Eye Hospital in Kisumu

Lion Sabatia Eye Hospital identified 380 cataract patients from a total of 1,169 individuals screened. Among them, 124 patients had cataracts in both eyes, while 132 had cataracts in just one eye.

Despite being a major contributor to blindness, cataracts remain prevalent in this region, and there is a significant need for a dedicated facility to address this issue in the population.

Joy of Helping sponsored this eye camp at Lion Sabatia Eye Hospital.

This initiative aimed to address the significant issue of blindness in Kenya, which affects thousands of people, robbing them of their independence, dignity, and hope. Restoring sight through cataract surgeries was a meaningful way to provide support and make a positive impact.

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