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Before 2020: Our Impact in Lions Sight First Eye Hospital, Nairobi

2,500,000+ patients have been served by the hospital

Lions Sight First Eye Hospital, founded in July 1997, has played a significant role in providing eye care services to communities in need. As of December 2019, the hospital has made a substantial impact on eye health through various initiatives, including community eye screening camps and surgical interventions.

Here are some key highlights of their achievements:

  • Community Eye Screening Camps: The hospital has conducted over 5,226 community eye screening camps. These camps are essential for identifying individuals with eye-related issues, particularly those in remote areas who may lack access to healthcare facilities.
  • Patients Served: Lions Sight First Eye Hospital has provided care to more than 1,346,738 patients. This includes not only diagnosis and treatment but also surgical interventions.
  • Cataract Surgeries: A total of 70,589 patients have had their vision restored through cataract surgeries performed by the hospital. Cataracts can severely impair one’s vision, and these surgeries have been instrumental in improving the quality of life for these individuals.
  • Other Eye Surgeries: In addition to cataract surgeries, the hospital has also performed 4,391 other different eye surgeries. These surgeries might encompass a wide range of procedures aimed at addressing various eye conditions and improving visual health.
  • Transport and Accommodation: A unique aspect of the hospital’s operations is its commitment to serving remote villages. They transport patients in need of cataract surgeries to the base hospital in Nairobi. During their stay, patients receive not only surgeries but also free accommodation, medications, and meals. This comprehensive approach ensures that patients from underserved areas receive the necessary care and support.
  • Medication and Follow-Up: Upon discharge, patients are provided with medication to last for 30 days to aid in their recovery. Additionally, the hospital conducts follow-up reviews for the next 3 months to monitor the success of the surgeries and address any post-operative concerns.
  • Total Impact: Impressively, Lions Sight First Eye Hospital has served more than 2.5 million patients, demonstrating their commitment to addressing eye health issues in the community.

In summary, Lions Sight First Eye Hospital’s work since its establishment in 1997 has made a substantial impact on eye care in East Africa. Their dedication to reaching remote communities, providing surgical interventions, and ensuring post-operative care has significantly improved the lives of countless individuals by restoring their vision and overall eye health.

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