Nurturing Elderly Lives through Compassion with Sadbhavna Vrudhashram Palliative Care in 2023

Sadbhavna is on a mission to serve both nature and the elderly. Established seven years ago, Sadbhavna Vrudhashram recognized the lack of support for needy and homeless older individuals. Their vision is to create a nurturing environment for over 500 seniors, ensuring they have access to essentials like healthy food, clean water, and secure shelter. The nursing home initiative, conceived eight years ago and inaugurated on August 15, 2015, aims to support homeless and vulnerable elderly without familial care. Dedicated caretakers provide timely meals, medication, and comfort, especially for bedridden individuals needing specialized care. Regular health check-ups ensure their well-being and prompt medical attention when needed.

Joy of Helping provides daily medical support to all seniors, especially those who are bedridden or dependent on someone. They are provided with necessary equipment, medicines, and care daily.

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