Empowering Rural Women: Bhojay Sarvoday Trust’s Gynecology Outreach in 2023

Rural women’s gynecological issues were long neglected until BST stepped in. Through their Mahila Arogya Abhiyan program, launched in 2012, BST provides free diagnostic camps in remote areas of Kutch. These camps, led by gynecologists, offer immediate medical assistance and surgeries at Bhojay Hospital. By addressing healthcare gaps, BST empowers underserved rural women, preventing disease escalation with prompt treatment.

Impact and Progress:

Joy of Helping has aided the Bhojaya Trust’s Gynecology camp since 2003, enabling 850 operations over 18 years.
Our intervention has alleviated the stigma around common issues like uterine prolapse and fibroids in rural Kutch.
The initiative has empowered women to live productive lives post-surgery, eliminating the financial burden on families caused by their health struggles.

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