Supporting Akhand Jyoti in 2021

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital is a charitable organization dedicated to combating curable blindness in economically disadvantaged regions of Bihar.
By delivering high-impact eye care services, the hospital aims to alleviate poverty and restore dignity to the lives of the less fortunate

Vision Centers:

Joy of Helping had already established 5 vision centers in Bihar, and Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital had been training marginalized and poor girls to become optometrists as employees to run vision centers. A Vision Center was a permanent, physical local center that was equipped to meet 80% of all eye care needs and referred patients who required more advanced care to nearby hospitals. These Vision Centers had also expanded job opportunities for community members, thereby supporting economic growth.

The impact of having vision centers in the poorest state of Bihar, India, with a large blind population, was incredible in the lives of the people of the villages. Many of these people wouldn’t have had the chance for quality eye treatment without vision centers.

The center built through Joy of Helping and Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital had provided primary eye treatment to over thousands of patients between December 2020 and February 2022, despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting their operations.

Joy of Helping’s generous support had enabled the creation of a legacy of eye care in the area.

985 people had been provided with free cataract operations, and 1,094 people with refractive errors had been dispensed low-cost eyeglasses from the center from December 2020 to February 2022 in one of the vision centers.

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