CFO’s note-2021

From the Desk of our

Chief Financial Officer

We are proud to report to our donors that we were able to fulfill our dream of collecting $386,000 of which we have donated $ 378,000 to the neediest and marginalized communities in INDIA and East Africa to various causes.
Joy of Helping is a nonprofit organization that works with 14 NGOs in INDIA and 3 NGOs in Kenya. We have been visiting frequently INDIA and Kenya to look after all the projects.
Especially in developing countries, many children are blind due to preventable and curable conditions. We have been working with two major hospitals to concentrate to provide pediatric surgeries to eliminate blindness.
Cataract , a leading cause of blindness – Joy of Helping is working with lions hospital in Nairobi, Kisumu and Zanzibar, providing funding for an average of 1000 cataract operations every year.
Joy of Helping has been providing nutritious breakfast and midday meals to 2000 Nairobi slums area primary school children five days a week.
We are also planning to support more organizations in 2022. Our goal is to collect and donate more than $500,000 this year.
100% of donors’ contributions go to the causes.
Donors can select the causes, which is most dear to their heart( education, vocational training, rehabilitation of neglected children, healthcare of physically and mentally challenged).

Mr. Pradip Shah ​

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