Founders’ Note 2022

Looking Back on 2022

Gratitude and Hope

We extend our profound gratitude for the remarkable support you have extended and the profound transformations you have helped bring about in the lives of countless individuals.
It is with a heavy heart that we convey the challenges we faced in the year 2022, as we fell short of our $400,000 goal due to the tumultuous fluctuations in the markets.
Some of our esteemed donors chose to withhold their contributions, influenced by the uncertainties of the preceding year.
Amidst these trials, our spirits remain resolute.
The dawn of 2023 fills us with renewed hope and determination to not only achieve our objectives but to also extend the reach of our program to encompass additional NGOs that resonate with our mission and core values.
Our unwavering commitment remains unwavering across the spectrum of causes we support.
The year 2022 stands as a testament to your benevolence, and we eagerly anticipate your continued support throughout 2023.
Your steadfast partnership is indispensable as we strive to not only attain our goals but to exceed them, casting a wider net of assistance to include more NGOs dedicated to the welfare of the marginalized, particularly the neglected and ailing elderly.
As we embark on this journey, your solidarity shines as a guiding light, illuminating the path for those who seek solace and aid.
We look forward to the year ahead with gratitude and anticipation, confident that your compassion will continue to pave the way for profound positive change.

Supporters, Donors and Friends,
As we close the chapter on our 2022 activities, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for your unwavering support. 

This year, we’ve witnessed the incredible power of joy – not only in the lives we’ve touched but also within our own hearts.
Our projects have not only brought smiles to those we serve but have ignited a shared sense of purpose among our team and donors. Your compassion has shown us that the joy of giving and receiving knows no bounds.
Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue spreading joy, one act of kindness at a time. With your ongoing support, we’re confident that the ripple effects of our efforts will create a brighter future for all.
Thank you for being champions of joy and for making a difference that resonates far beyond our projects.
Together, we’ll keep the spirit of giving alive and ensure that joy keeps shining through.

With heartfelt appreciation,

About Our Founders:

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“Our mission will not be complete until the time we see all faces around us smiling and ensure that nobody loses the courage to fight the adversities of life.”

Mrs. Prafulla Shah and Mr. Ramesh Shah

Founders of Joy of Helping

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