CFO’s note-2023

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Chief Financial Officer

I am thrilled to announce that we have received over $400,000 in donations this year from many generous donors.
In December 2023, I joined Mr. Ramesh Shah, the founder of Joy of Helping, on visits to multiple NGOs in Gujarat. It was a great experience that I would like to share with our donors,
The personal visits with the NGOs allowed us to witness firsthand their dedication and service to the poor and needy, which fulfilled our mission.

I’m happy that we have included additional NGOs to help us reach more needy and marginalized communities and achieve our objectives.

Addressing the Challenges of the vocational training program at handicapped schools:

There is a recurring issue where vocational programs often teach skills that provide limited economic value to specially-abled students. It’s common that vocational programs fail to deliver specially-abled students with skills that hold significant economic value in today’s job market.
This issue of concern needs to be addressed urgently, as it deprives these students of the opportunities they deserve to lead a fulfilling and independent life. students, resulting in program sustainability challenges. To address this critical concern, Joy of Helping through “Made by Special” is committed to providing vocational training that keeps students engaged and equips them with skills that enable them to earn an honest living through creativity. Made by Special is an e-commerce platform developed by our dedicated volunteers.

Mr. Pradip Shah ​

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