Program for Abandoned Children with Nari Gunjan in 2021

Nari Gunjan worked diligently with children who had been neglected and abandoned, extending a caring hand to babies who were unwanted and disposed of shortly after their birth, as well as to toddlers aged around 2 or 3 years who had been left on trains or at bus stations.

Our program was conducted with the approval and support of the Social Welfare Department of the Government of Bihar. We had been involved in this program since September 16, 2016, during which time approximately 112 children came into our home. Among them, 40 were successfully placed for adoption, both nationally and internationally, while around 50 children were reunited with their biological parents.

The majority of the children we encountered were discovered along roadsides or in close proximity to roadways. The established procedure dictated that when a child was found, it had to be reported to the local police station. The police then promptly took custody of the child and immediately contacted the Child Welfare Committee of the respective district. Subsequently, the child was assigned to one of the children’s homes or adoption agencies in our network.

It is worth noting that a significant proportion of the children entrusted to our care were girls, ranging in age from one day old to just a few months.

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