Football to Eyeball: Empowering Girls as Trained Optometrists with Akhand Jyoti in 2023

Akhand Jyoti, the largest eye hospital in Eastern India, operates from the remote village of Mastichak in Bihar and several other locations across the region. Recognizing the challenges faced by women in patriarchal societies like Bihar, particularly regarding education and employment opportunities, Akhand Jyoti initiated the “Football to Eyeball” program in 2009. This program aims to empower underprivileged rural girls by providing them with education, skills, and training to become trained optometrists.
Utilizing a hub-and-spoke model, Akhand Jyoti leverages football as an icebreaker to engage girls from rural areas. By offering them access to education and skill development, the program seeks to address the issue of curable blindness in lower-income regions like Bihar. Through this initiative, Akhand Jyoti aims to empower these girls to become agents of change in their communities and contribute to the elimination of preventable blindness.
The program’s goal is to change the life paths of these girls by offering education and skills to deter early marriages and promote economic self-reliance.

Impact and Progress of Our Work with Akhand JyotiOffering comprehensive education to 15 underprivileged rural girls from Bihar.

  • Educating these girls to become trained optometrists, contributing to the eradication of curable blindness in low-income regions of Bihar.
  • Providing sustainable employment opportunities within the Akhand Jyoti system through vocational courses for the underprivileged girls.

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