Emergency Relief Efforts in India and Kenya in 2020

Providing Essential Aid

In response to critical situations in India and Kenya, we are delivering vital support:

  • Food Packages, Blankets, and Mosquito Nets: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and hunger crises, especially affecting children, we’re distributing food packages, blankets, and mosquito nets to prevent not only coronavirus-related issues but also hunger and malaria. Flooding in Kenya has further complicated the situation, necessitating aid delivery and food distribution to daily wage earners in slum areas.
  • Emergency Funding for NGO Operations: During times of crisis, several NGOs may face significant financial challenges. Operating expenses have increased, but income generation has diminished due to the inability to provide eye care services at scale. To ensure the continuity of vital eye care services, three established eye hospitals urgently require one-time financial support to navigate the uncertainties of the COVID-19 crisis and continue their mission of eliminating blindness among underserved populations.
  • Providing Vital Supplies: In response to urgent humanitarian needs, we have initiated disaster relief efforts in both India and Kenya. These efforts primarily focus on distributing essential supplies, including food packages, blankets, and mosquito nets.
  • Addressing the Plight of the Vulnerable:
  • Our relief work has particularly targeted the most disadvantaged individuals, including those affected by the coronavirus pandemic and devastating floods in Kenya. We collaborated with the FOOD FOR LIFE CYCLE FOR LIFE TRUST in Nairobi, Kenya, to coordinate relief efforts.
  • A Personal Connection: During a visit to a Nairobi slum, We witnessed the harrowing reality of children suffering from hunger, especially exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It became evident that the threat of hunger and diseases like malaria posed a more immediate danger to children than the virus itself.
  • Supporting Daily Wage Earners: To address this crisis, we have been distributing food packages to thousands of daily wage earners residing in slum areas, where economic vulnerabilities are high.
  • Challenges in Kenya: In Kenya, the situation has been further compounded by devastating floods, which have displaced families and complicated the fight against the coronavirus. Infrastructure damage has hindered aid delivery. Nevertheless, our dedicated partners in Nairobi are working tirelessly to personally deliver food packages to these slum areas.
  • What’s in a Food Package: Each food package currently contains 2 kilograms of maize flour, 2 kilograms of red beans, green gram or rice, cooking fat, salt, and a bar of soap. The cost of one such pack is Ksh. 500/- ($5 or £3.75). Our target was to distribute at least 50,000 packs. Till the end of 2020, we had packed over 12,000 packs.
  • Generous Contributions: Our relief efforts have been made possible through generous donations, totaling $20,200, which includes a matching fund of $5,000 from the Sarva Mangal Family Trust, courtesy of MANU AND RIKA.

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